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Photo of Angela Cowan, writer and artist taken from her website

I'm Angela Cowan, an artist and author from Kilmarnock, Scotland. I use acrylics, watercolours, pen and ink and graphic art to create original prints and designs for T-shirts, hoodies, bags and loads more. My style is eclectic, with psychedelia, pop art, retro graphics and Scottish language and humour. Visit my shop or discover more unique items from my Etsy store Time Travellers Design.

My Books

Welcome to My Book Collection!

Hey there, fellow book enthusiasts! If you're on the hunt for stories that'll whisk you away to intriguing realms, you've stumbled upon the right corner of the internet. I'm thrilled to present my collection of captivating reads that are ready to join your bookshelf.

Among these literary gems, you'll find "Murder no More", a tale that's as quirky as it is compelling. Imagine Marty Hollis, a character with a unique goal, teaming up with an unexpected partner. Together, they're about to embark on a journey that's equal parts laughter and suspense.

As you flip through the pages of my books, you'll discover worlds where ordinary meets extraordinary, where humour dances with mystery, and where every turn of phrase is designed to keep you hooked. Whether you're a fan of mind-bending adventures, characters that leap off the page, or simply enjoy a good dose of Scottish charm, my collection has something for everyone.

So, if you're ready to dive into tales that will make you laugh, ponder, and escape from the everyday, take a look around. Each book is a doorway to a new adventure, and I can't wait for you to join me on these literary journeys.

Feel free to browse, explore, and make yourself at home in the world of my stories. Your next captivating read is just a click away. Happy reading!


Discover My Artistic Creations! Browse through my collection of one-of-a-kind treasures, from funky t-shirts that make a statement to versatile tote bags that blend art with functionality. And don't miss out on the art prints—each a glimpse into my unique artistic universe.


With my distinct Scottish-inspired flair, these pieces aren't just items; they're expressions of my imagination, ready to become a part of your everyday life. Whether you're drawn to vivid colors, whimsical designs, or that touch of Scottish wit, there's something here that resonates with everyone.


So go ahead, explore, and find that perfect piece to add to your world. Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey. Let's make these creations yours and infuse your life with a bit of my artistry!

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