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Time Travel Mysteries

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Marty & Weedgie

There are 8 books in the series so far. Join the boys as they travel back in time, stop a murder, dodge their annoying supervisor, and try to avoid being vapourised into black nothingness.

And if you think that's tough, wait until you meet Alkylickrish.

Weedgie's Big Braw Scottish Words Colouring Book

Looking for a relaxing, creative hobby where you learn new words? Here are fifty original designs based on the Scots language, with an introduction by Weedgie The Dug. A unique colouring book and fun for all ages.

Middle Grade & Young Adults Books

Diary of a Goofy Girl

Wilf joined me half an hour later and lay agross my ankles. I nodded sleepily to him as I began to lose the feeling in both feet. "I just hope those underpants were clean."

Meet Sam Delaney, her not-so-normal parents, cousin Floyd and best friend Tinny and join her world where daft things happen every day.

The summer holidays have begun badly. Tinny is fooled by Sam's arch-enemy, and Floyd has found another unsuitable job. Sam's dad claims something odd from the Lost Property Office while kleptomaniac dog Wilf plumbs new depths in bad taste.

Oh, and a pirate has moved in next door.

But what can Sam do but get into trouble...?


The Next One

Can teenager Kit solve a frightening puzzle and stop a murder spree?

The Next One is a prequel to the Marty and Weedgie series, and is written for young adults (although quite a few older readers have enjoyed it, too)

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