Angela Cowan lives and writes in Ayrshire, Scotland, drives a car nearly as old as herself and is still scared by the Voice of the Mysterons from Captain Scarlet. Have a wander, see her books and sign up for Weedgie's World if you're willing to receive updates on ridiculous stuff from a talking Glaswegian dog. Make yourself a nice cup of tea and dunk an Abernethy. And that's not a euphemism. 

It had to happen. Weedgie's on YouTube. God help us all...

Click on the link below if you think you're ready. 

Weedgie's short films, Mummy Cowan's Songs of Doom & Death and more - on Angela's YouTube channel.



It's here!

'Up A Close, Darkly' 

Get ready for time-travel, fish fingers and ridiculous hairdos.

"Falling out of thin air is a distinctly weird experience and although I'd survived it three times so far I still screamed like a big girl when the swirling blackness disappeared."

Yes, it's Marty & Weedgie's fourth mission and this time they emerge into a time and place that's ideal...for one of them.  

The other one needs to buy headache tablets.


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